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Loss of life is a shocking experience which is only aggravated by all the legal and practical issues that arise from a person's death. Especially when a death occurs in a foreign country. 
We at DA-Group have worked with international repatriations for many years and we fully understand how complicated and expensive repatriations may be, especially when government institutions, such as embassies and consulates, offer little help bringing the deceased back to their homeland. Therefore, it is our mission to help where others cannot. We strive to provide a service that would help you with all matters regarding international repatriation while maintaining the financial strain to a minimum during an already difficult time. 
Our company's reputation is built on the strong knowledge of legal procedures, traditions, and the care that we show to our clients. We have worked long and hard to acquire the knowledge that we have today and have built strong relationships with funeral directors, airline companies, government institutions, assistance agencies, and other parties across the globe to ensure that our services run smoothly and in a cost efficient manner. 
Our professional staff can offer you help and advice on any matters regarding international transportation of your deceased loved one. We can take care of any administrative, legal, and logistical issues that may keep you from bringing your deceased loved one to their final resting place. We can even make arrangements for funeral ceremonies, burial or cremation. Our multilingual staff is sensitive to all ideologies, religions, nationalities, and can make arrangements that would suit your individual needs.
We pride ourselves on being a company with a global reach. Our staff and special vehicles are based in a number of countries in order to provide a fast repatriation service to those who may wish to bring their loved ones home. 
Our company is dedicated to providing repatriation services for the members of the general public. However, we also offer our services to government institutions, corporate clients, and anyone who needs them. 


All your repatriation needs

DA Group Ltd. is a global organization providing repatriation services to the public as well as corporate and government bodies. We work alongside government and private institutions across the globe. Whether it is an administrative or a logistical task, we do it all: from acquisition of documents, transportation, liaison with coroners or consulars and flight booking to cremation. Please do not hesitate contacting us to discuss your needs and we will make sure to accommodate them.


Professional, affordable and supportive

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    Years of experience working alongside embassies, consulates, funeral directors and other institutions.

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    Staff and special vehicles located in various countries ensure fast and cost efficient services.

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    We offer help and support 24/7 and keep you informed of the process every step of the way. 


Specialist care

Our multicultural and multilingual staff can cater for all faiths, nationalities and religions.  We possess extensive knowledge of all legal aspects of repatriation as well as traditions across the globe. We provide information 24/7 and if you choose us to take care of your deceased loved one we will take care of all logistical and administrative challenges for you and will keep you informed every step of the way.