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In today's globalized society work, life and leisure abroad is commonplace. Unfortunately, the loss of life away from home is also more common and huge distances can keep you from saying goodbye to your deceased friend or family member.

Our company's goal is to make it possible for people anywhere in the world to overcome geographical obsticles and bring their loved ones home. In order to do so we have built relationships with airline companies, funeral directors, and government bodies across the globe. We have gathered years of experience in transporting the deceased throughout the globe and are not only aware of legal requirements of various countries and airline regulations but native customs and traditions as well. We work with all major airlines as well as smaller companies and assistance agencies in order to provide a quality service that would suit anyone's needs at a competitive price.

Repatriation dead by air   Repatriation deceased by air   Repatriation deceased by air

As a company with long experience and knowledge in international repatriation we fully understand what a confusing process bringing a deceased person home is, especially during bereavement. Therefore, we strive to offer a service that would be easy to understand and would require very little involvment from the family and friends of the deceased. We also strive to offer the best  possible prices as we fully understand that death often occurs as a surprise and the financial strain is burdensome for most as funeral arrangements can be expensive.

Our international repatriation by air is a service aimed at transporting human remains huge distances to reach their final resting place. This often requires for us to overcome a lot of administrative and logistical challenges and we only recommend this service for countries easily unaccecible by road. For elswhere in the world, we offer transportation by road via our special vehicles suited for international transit as this is often less expensive and even faster due to less administrative challenges that may arise.