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Repatrijuoti mirusįjį IŠ / Į
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The process of repatriation may be quite complex, especially during times of grief. However, our company's extensive knowledge and experience ensure that we can take care of all the issues that may arise during the repatriation process. We have staff in a number of countries and we work alongside different embassies, consulates, institutions, airlines, funeral directors and assistance agents across the globe. This experience and worldwide partnerships ensure that we can offer a wide range of services and cater for all religions, faiths, cultures, beliefs, ideologies and personal preferences.
We have staff and special vehicles across Europe and can arrange repatriation via special land transport. This is usually a faster, less complex and less expensive process. We also offer global repatriation via airlines.
Some of our services include, but are not limited to:
Full global repatriation
Customs clearances
Removal/delivery of body
Mortuary storage
Obtainment of non-infectious disease certificate
Customs clearance
Embassy/consulate visits
Obtainment of Coroner's Out of England Order
Providing a coffin/casket
Multilingual support 24/7
Repatriation of ashes
Translation of all relevant documents.
Flight arrangements
Confidential services
Liaison with family members
Contacting the police
Special land transport for quick repatriation within EU
If required, we can also send a certified specialist abroad to take care of embalming and any other procedures.
Repatriation is usually a fast process if the death occurred from natural causes. In other cases it usually takes a bit longer as we need to make extra arrangements.
Our main service is international repatriation of the deceased. However, for the benefit of our customers we can also make funeral arrangements, book flights for family members of the deceased (even on the same aircraft) and cater for many other needs.
We guarantee confidential services at competitive prices and guarantee that your loved ones will reach their destination undamaged and with utmost respect and dignity.