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We appreciate all feedback on our services. Be it good or bad, it helps us understand how we can make improvements. Please do not hesitate sending us your thoughts.
testimonial Dear Aurimas,

Sorry, I didn’t have a chance thank you for a service.

Everything went well, the only little thing is that we were expecting my grandmother
to be delivered on Tuesday, but she was delivered on Wednesday.
It wasn’t a massive issue, we just have to‐rearrange the funeral for the following
Thank you very much for your service and if there is anything I can do for
recommending you, please let me know.
PS‐ Is your service advertised in Russian newspaper in London, like "London‐Info"?
That would attract more customers.
Many Thanks for your help once again.

Kind Regards,
Project Coordinator
MSP Team
feedback LV Здравствуй Денис!
Хочу вас всех D.A.GROUP и Тебя лично поблагодарить за очень нужную,
высокопрофессиональную, и качественную работу!
Я никогда не думала, что незнакомые люди могут так переживать за чужие беды и горечь.
Спасибо что вы помогаете нам ,в далеке от своей родины, быстро и без проблем репатрировать
своих умерших близких на родину в Латвию.
Большое вам всем С П А С И Б О!
С уважением ,
Сандра Рола
Testimonial Bulgaria Yes, of course.

I and my colleagues from our partner company in Bulgaria appreciate very
much the services, rendered by DA Group, the Lithwanian office, with
regard to the transportation of the body of Mr. Nikolay Yakimov, an
employee of our Bulgarian partners, who died of a heart attack in Sweden.
The body had to be transported from Sweden to Bulgaria for funeral and DA
Group did excellent service, including procuring all documents needed for
the transportation of the body from the Swedish authorities and the
Bulgarian consulate and delivering the body to Bulgaria.

Rado Markoff
Härnösand, Sweden
repatriation testimonials en To the members of DA-Group:
I would like ti thank you for your help and support during a difficult time for me and my family.
The high level of professionalism and support that the members of yur staff showed made me sure that remains of my late brother are in good hands.
Thank you for bringing my late brother home. And thank you for the help provided along the way.
Albucht Petersen




All family of Jennifer thanks you for the help and so quick response and repatriation to homeland...
repatriation testimonials russian Уважаемая команда Да-гроуп, Хочу поблагодорить всю вашу команду за репатриацию останков моего покойного дади из Беликобритании в Литву.
Ваши специалисты предоставили мне подробную информацию и детально проконсультировали по всем, волнушим меня вопросам.
Очен признателен за то, что перевозка заняла меньше времени, чем мы ожидали и чем обешали другие!

Спасибо за Вашу помощ в столь трудный для меня и моей семьи момент.

Искренне благодарю,
с уважением,
Ана Манейкене
stefan repatriation Dear Sirs,
I'm writing with regards to repatriation of my deceased nephew Bogda Yanukovich.
I would like to personally thank your company for a speedy and cheap service.
It came as a schock to our family when we heard that Bogdan has passed away so suddenly. We had to bring him back home for funeral but all the companies that we contacted were very expensive. You have to understand that the funeral costs are high enough already and in addition we had to bring him back home. We didn't know how we will afoord to arrange a funeral and bringing him back - we are not rich.  Then we contacted your company and the price offered wass finally something that we could afford. Thank you for that. Not only for that, but gor the smoth process also. We thought we will have to deal with all the paperwork ourselves but you managed to include all the paperwork in your services....
I thank you sincerely and wish you good luck in the future.
Kindest regards,
Stefan Yanukovich
Dear Sir or Madam,

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you and your company for bringing my deceased cousin back home to Greece. If it weren't for you and your company I don't know what we would have done.
Thank you again,
Vasilios Boboris

Norėčiau padėkoti jūsų komandai už mano vėlionio dėdės palaikų pargabenimą į Lietuvą iš Jungtinės Karalystės. Jūsų komanda suteikė išsamią informaciją ir detaliai pakonsultavo visais mum rūpinčiais klausimais. Taip pat pats pargabenimas buvo greitesnis nei tikėjomes, bei prognuozuotas kitų kompanijų.

Ačių už jūsų pagalbą tokiu sunkiu metu.
To the employees of DA-Group:

I would like to express my thanks to each and every one of you for the help and support you showed during a very difficult time for me and my family.
If it weren't for you I don't know how we would have managed to bring our late son John back from Sicily. Thanks to you we managed to give him a proper goodbye. My family and I give you our gratitude.

Kindest regards,

Stephan Marwick

Thank you very mych for help with the process of repatriation my brother to malaga. Good luck in future !